Adventure travel in Peru


Following quite a while of arranging and over a year of imagining about it, I at long last got on a transport from Arequipa to go to Cusco to trek the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. My companion Milana from Los Angeles, who I used to trek and mtn. bicycle with, and Karen, her long-lasting companion, were meeting me in Cusco. We should be there a few days early so they could adjust yet Milana's flight from Lima was wiped out so she touched base about twelve the day preceding our visit began. I had as of now met Karen the day preceding and we had been able to know one another a bit as we did some touring and climbing together close Cusco. 

Something that astonished me on the first day was to see individuals really living along the trail, and riding bikes forward and backward. On the second morning there were ladies and youngsters with burros going up the trail to set up stands to serve breakfast, offer sweet, snacks, filtered water and even Gatorade! By the evening, that was all behind us as we made a beeline for Dead Woman's Pass at 13,770 feet, the most elevated point on the trail. 

There was no opportunity to absorb the hot springs, as we got to Aquas Calientes somewhat late and after that discovered that we needed to leave right on time to stroll to the train that would take us back to Cusco, in light of the avalanche that had secured the tracks on the edge of town. A last astonish was that night when the train ceased two or three hours before Cusco and the conductor said that was the end of the ride. We never did discover why however wound up taking a taxi whatever is left of the best approach to Cusco, luckily touching base without any issues.

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