Cannabis In The Treatment Of Addiction To Alcohol And Drugs


Cannabis could help people struggling with various addictions. The latest figures, published in the journal Addiction Research & Theory, come from a survey of more than 400 patients enrolled in the state program of medical marijuana dispensaries, such as Portland dispensaries.


The question asking them whether they had ever used cannabis to replace drugs, alcohol or illicit drugs, more than 75% responded affirmatively. 68%, indicated cannabis as a substitute for drugs that had been prescribed. 41% also said to have used for the alcohol replacement and 36% for other illicit substances, such as heroin or cocaine. From the results it is evident that some patients have used cannabis to replace more substances. According to Dr. Philippe Lucas, co-author of the study, the results support the cannabis as a potential treatment for drug addiction. The doctor believes that cannabis could act as a "drug release" when it comes to substance abuse, against the notion that cannabis is the first step towards the use of heavier substances.

If the policy on cannabis would become more lax, we might see a slight increase in the consumption of cannabis, but then we would witness a decrease in consumption of alcohol, illicit drugs and medicines, with many benefits on the Public Health.

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