Court Reporting Services Needed By Law Firms


The types of legal support required by law firms change by business. But there are several services that every law firm needs, including court reporting services, video text synchronization, record retrieval, document review, complex litigation support, and deposition support. Below, we give a summary of these vital support services which could readily be outsourced.

1. Court Reporting Services

2. Video Text Synchronization

3. Record Retrieval

Because a number of the most vital documents for legal cases (medical records, Social Security records, payroll and personnel records, etc.) require special authorization to obtain, most law firms would rather delegate document retrieval to legal support professionals, which can readily be accomplished by hiring record retrieval support through a legal support agency.

4. Document Review

Some records are so voluminous they need teams of reviewers, such corporate records, pharmaceutical files, and legislative documents, although attorneys concentrate on reviewing documents. Document review services also call for strategizing how files must be reviewed to be able to fulfill time sensitive legal requirements along with providing more manpower for reviewing documents.

5. Complex Litigation Support

6. Deposition Support

Modern deposition support calls for at least three technical aspects: legal videography, deposition coverage, and processing a deposition recording in the style requested by the deposition lawyer. Hire a court reporter because depositions generally provide the legal bedrock for court cases along with a legal videographer that deal exclusively in depositions is the greatest option. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, the most known firm with the most resources is Naegeli Deposition and Trial.  They can help with not only court reporting, but document services, record keeping, and litigation support.

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