Fruit Platters – Eat healthy to stay healthy


An apple a day keeps a doctor away- an age old saying. It is must to have fruits packed into our regular diet to stay healthy. But having fruits can get a little boring and mundane at times; so how do we make it interesting? How do we get that much needed portion included in our diet? Well, it is not new anymore to find a variety of fruit platters and fruit bowls available in market, they not only look tempting but also offer the essential part of our diet packed in a healthy punch.

Rather than buying whole fruits, you can try switching to buying fruit platters or bowls. I am sure many of you would have picked up either of these to gift it to somebody. But here I am talking about- for your own consumption. Not just kids but anyone belonging to any age group would rather appreciate a good looking and tempting platter or a bowl full of fresh, scrumptious and juicy fruits. It goes same for any food for that matter, it is never only about the taste and the quality, though they play the most integral part, however a lot of emphasis is also given to the visual appeal. And this theory applies to fruits as well.

There are many fruits that are really amazing to eat and completely packed with essential nutrients, however if it is given or offered in an uninteresting or unpalatable way you may just not feel like digging into it. Fruit platters and fruit bowls, on the other hand make this look interesting and you really feel like reaching out for it. The price difference is not much, considering the health benefits. Moreover if we can spend on Ham, cheese, wine, undercuts, then why not a platter of fruits?

There are various orchards and stores that sell fresh and absolutely delicious produce of the season. Make the most of it, in times like these where life has become hectic and stressful, and many of us living on supplements because we do not get those essentials in our diet. I think it is better to spend a bit on yourself, well what eat is how you are going to be. Fruits have high level of antioxidants, fiber and whole lot of vitamins, so instead of popping in multi-vitamin pills, munch on some fruits. A healthy body is a home for a healthy mind; get a regular supply of fruit platters or fruit bowls to enjoy the nature’s freshness and eat healthy to stay healthy.