How to Select the Ideal Location for a Rabbit Cage


Rabbits are social creatures who crave the attention of their owners, unlike Syrian hamsters. For this reason, it's recommended that you keep their cage in an area where you and other members of the family frequently visit. For instance, the living room, a bonus room or even the office are all excellent ideas for keeping your rabbit's cage. The more interaction you and other family members have with the rabbit, the healthier and happier they will be. In addition, you'll likely find that playing with your rabbit is easier since their cage is set up in an area of the house that you frequently go to.

No matter where you decide on placing the rabbit cage, you must be aware of its surroundings. Since rabbits enjoy to sporadically dance and hop around in their cage, chances are some of the shavings will go flying out. You can help retain most of the shavings by purchasing a proper cage with a deep bottom pan; however, there's no way to fully prevent shavings from entering your home. When choosing a location for your rabbit's cage, make sure it's in an easy-to-clean area. If any shavings get on the surrounding floor, you want to be able to clean it up quickly and easily.

Hopefully, these tips will give you a better idea on which area is best for your rabbit's cage. Most importantly, though, make sure it's somewhere that's easy for you and other family members to access.

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