Just what is a stamp fee for renting out houses in Singapore?


In Singapore, one is needed to pay a tax (shock!) for documents that should prepared when you are leasing a brand-new apartment or condo. The stamp fee is only applied just to leasing of entire houses which not rooms, so if you are visiting be renting out a room somewhere, you are not liable to pay anything.

Who pays for the stamp duty?

For occupancy arrangements, either the landlord or the tenant is reliant pay for the stamp obligation depending upon exactly what is decideded upon in the tenancy agreement. A lot of times we have seen the occupants pay for it, however if you are in a location to deal after that do make certain that your property manager is liable to look after the stamp responsibility.

Just how much stamp fee am I meant to pay in order to rent an apartment to my tenant?

The quantity of stamp obligation is dependent on the rental fee you will certainly be paying for your lease duration. For an example for an apartment with a complete regular monthly lease of $3000, for a lease period of 24 months. We can find the answer in http://www.principalgarden-uol.info for the mathmatical calculations and explanations in details. 

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