Radiations Generated By Cell Phones


Almost every one of us is using cell phones. Cell phones are playing very important role in our life. Cell phones made our life comfortable and provided us number of facilities. But at the same time, there are many side effects of it and we human being without using our brain, without thinking even for a while that it is affecting our body.

In today’s time most of the health issues are because of cell phones. There are happening so many cases all over the world.

For example- when the battery of your cell phone gets over charged it start becoming little fluffy and in this period of time, your phone can blast at any time.

When we keep our phone on vibration mode, at the time of vibration, it creates some radiations which directly affect our body parts. Like if we are keeping our cell phones in the front pocket of our shirt and it is on vibration mode then it will affect directly on our heart. So we should never keep our phone on vibration mode.

If we are doing chatting on phone for most of the time or for long hours, then it affects our finger movements and are fingers start becoming stiff. Plus that heat which is produced by cell phones damages our bones and skin portion from inside. Check out more side effects about phone radiation case online. 


There are many disadvantages of cell phones but mobile companies always refused by this statement. They never accept this fact because they just want their cell phones sales. So start thinking about this and make use of your cell phones in a very less amount. Don’t spend your most of the time on cell phones.  

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