Some Alternative Treatments For Cancer


Almost 2 out of every 5 persons are suffering from cancer.  People get traditional modern treatments to fight cancer, some of them get success but some lose the battle. There are many people who are now moving towards alternate treatments for cancer that work naturally.

Health experts are working on natural remedies to develop surefire methods for treating cancer and they also have found many natural cures. The natural ways are far better as there will be minimal amount of risks. You can search alternative treatments for cancer via

Herbs are part of natural cures to treat cancer. You will get to know that there are so many herbs that can actually thwart the growth of cancerous cells.

Whether you have colon, lung, breast cancer, etc., drinking green tea can be a great alternative cancer therapy that kills cancer cells naturally.

Green tea or Camellia Sinensis is such a herb that can either be used for cancer prevention, or as one treatment for cancer. Green tea contains anti oxidants or Bioflavonoids which fight pesky life threatening cells and kills them.

'Mentha' or Mint is also one of the best natural cures to fight cancer. It has phytochemicals which work as a shield in supplying the blood to tumors which are cancerous. 

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