Useful Web Design Techniques


Useful Web Design Techniques Which Help in Improving Conversions & Building Brand Recognition

web design Toronto Design is important both for providing high quality user experience as well as for improving conversions and sales. As such we will be going through some of the things designers need to do for making your site user friendly and also increase the sales site is able to achieve.

Conversions and Web Design

Let us check some of the tips which web design Toronto firms need to include in their web designing process.

Use of Subliminal Hints

In various research studies it has been noticed that objects as well as images which are around us have a strong effect on how we behave. As for instance in a study it was found that kids were more prepared to share their candies with friends after they were shown a Santa Claus cap.

The basic found in this study was that the Santa Claus cap was representative of concept of sharing and giving in the minds of children and by simply looking at the Santa Claus cap those feelings of sharing become active and helped in making kids share things with others.

Similarly, when the children were shown another image which triggered other feelings, those children declined to share candies they had.

How is the study related to website designing? 

First of all, the study highlights the fact that designers need to select appropriate images for the site based on the theme of the site so that the images can generate right feelings in visitors coming to your site. 

Secondly, designers should not use stock photos since such images might not be suitable for your site and would fail to deliver the right message. 

Highlight Products

The good thing about visiting a physical store is that we get to look at things, feel them and can also taste them if necessary. The advantage is that it helps us in taking right decisions about suitability of the products. 

As for instance, just by looking at the tomatoes you can easily say whether they are ripe and take the bread in hand to check whether it is just baked. 

In the context of websites, such experience is not possible but what you can do is show as many photos of your products as you can from different angles. This can help your prospective customers get a better idea of how the product looks and how it functions before they move ahead and purchase it. 

Thus, the more elaborately and descriptively you can present your product or service the better.  As for instance, if you can clearly show how a machinery works using detailed images, users will be more inclined to buy and use the machinery themselves. 


To conclude it can be said that how well your site performs and develops its online presence depends a lot of its design. By using proper design strategy it is possible to build customer base and develop brand recognition. 

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