Various Types Of Calculators


Importance of calculator is increasing in our life day by day. Nobody wants to waste their time by doing calculations manually. That is why popularity of calculators is increasing day by day.

When the calculators were developed then they only help to solve simple mathematical problems like subtraction, addition, multiplication etc. But with the advancement of technology, now calculators perform varied task that we even haven’t imagined.

In this article we are going to discuss about some of the popular types of calculators:

Mathematical calculator: these are calculators that we all are aware of. These are mainly used for the daily calculations or can also be used by the students of performing complicated calculations. These types of calculators are now also available online. If you want to use such type of calculator then you can ‘visit website’ (also known as ‘vai al sito’ in Italian) here.

Currency convertor: as the name suggests, this calculator is used for converting and calculating foreign currency rates. This is mainly used at the international market for doing currency exchanges.

Mortgage Calculator: This calculator is helpful in analyzing the mortgage market. Most of the moneylenders and loan borrowers make use of this calculator to ensure about the exact amount to be borrowed or lend. With the help of mortgage calculator, you can decide on the price of money you need to borrow from the moneylender. 

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