Vision Wildlife Walks In Byron Bay


Byron bay is a town located in the Southwest side of Australia. It is famous for its beaches and water sports. It has truly beautiful hinterland among hills, with lush green grounds and wildlife. 

One of the most famous activities that are available for tourists is night vision walk; many tourists come for their journey from Gold Coast to Byron Bay by bus, just to experience these adventures. Night vision walk is considered a unique way to escape city life and enjoy the natural beauty at night. This tour is available for both individuals and for groups. One can easily book dates online according to their schedule.  They also provide a tour guide to help tourists perform the activities. The guide also provide detailed information about the animals in the area, their habitat, local ecology, impact of human activities on the nature and steps they are taking to preserve mot rare animals, insects and plants.


Features of this kind of activity are:

1.      Firstly these tours are different from others greatly as they allow a close encounter with wildlife in the darkness.

2.      Secondly since the walk is based at night tourists get to witness creatures like possums, tawny frogmouth and many other rare animals.

3.       Thirdly, this tour provides tourists with an experience of a life time as it is very different from any zoo endeavour.

These are some of the features of night vision walk in Byron bay due to which it is famous among tourists.

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